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Welcome to February everyone. Hope you have all unburied from the snowmagedpocalypse readers in the Northeast. Just in time for some new powder to flurry down and send you back indoors to read my reviews on what to read to get you through the winter doldrums. Today we certainly have just that.

The Custodian of Marvels by Rod Duncan

And my world has been righted! We are back with Elizabeth Barnabus as she was in The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter. I'm all tingly. Not that Unseemly Science was a complete let down; I just really feel that the magic (or circus dust?) wasn't there from the first novel. Apparently that is because it all built up and got swept to this novel. 

We have the original troupe together for some Ocean's Eleven shenanigans as they attempt to rob the International Patent Office (gasp for dramatic effect). The humor and wit have returned to the original level because everyone knows all about best laid plans. While I like Julia, her relegation back to a secondary character gave the bullet catcher magic back to the story and allowed for some new characters to try out there fit in the Gas-Lit Empire.

All of the escapades had good pacing and purpose balanced perfectly with that witty dialogue. They were fun and had me struggling to find places to put the book down and get back to real life. There was plenty of character back story without being too burdensome (although I prefer some things be left to the imagination in books, it seems to be a trend to tell the audience everything these days. *sigh*).

And that ending. I mean, come on, that ending.

Easily give this one 5 stars. It would certainly seem that we are not done with the Gas-Lit Empire just yet, either. That suits me just fine. Until we meet again, Elizabeth, I have many books to catch up from fall.


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